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Dr Ashwin M Shah

MBBS, MD(Radiation Oncology), Senior Consultant,
Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad.

Dr. Ashwin M Shah, Sr. Consultant Radiation Oncologist, has been working as an oncologist for over 30 years. He received his formal radiation oncology training at MNJ Institute of Oncology, Hyderabad.

He has also received training at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. He had the opportunity to work with Dr. Dattatreyudu Nori at Queen’s Hospital, New York.

He has vast experience in dealing with various types of cancer. He has done numerous brachytherapy procedures (intracavitary, interstitial, intraluminal) for cancer of cervix, head and neck, sarcomas and oesophagus.

His special interests lie in head and neck, and gynaecological malignancies. He is well versed with all the latest type of radiotherapy treatment modalities like IMRT, Rapid Arc, Tomotherapy, Image guided radiotherapy and stereotactic radiation (SRS, SRT, SBRT).

Dr Pranav Ashwin Shah

MBBS, MD, Consultant Radiation Oncologist,
Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad.

Dr. Pranav Ashwin Shah, Radiation Oncologist, has worked in the field of oncology for over 5 years. He received his formal training in radiation oncology at the prestigious Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai. He has done multiple training programmes in the field of interstitial brachytherapy for gynaecological malignancies, image guided radiation and radiobiology.

He had the privilege to be trained in neuro-radiation oncology at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

He is well versed with all the latest methods of external beam radiation like IMRT, Rapid Arc, tomotherapy and SRS/SRT/SBRT. He has also experience in image guided intracavitary brachytherapy for gynaecological malignancies. He is specialised in management of head and neck, gynaecological, GI, GU and lung malignancies. His special interest lies in neuro-oncology and breast cancer. He also treats benign conditions where radiation is indicated like keloids, meningioma, AVM, schwannoma, pituitary adenoma and haemangiomas.

Best Radiation Oncology Specialist In Hyderabad - Shah Cancer Care

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Frequently asked question.

Is Radiation Therapy painful?
Radiation treatment is painless. It can have acute side effects which are mostly reversible and rarely, long-lasting problems.
Does Cancer run in families?
Less than 10% of cancers are hereditary in nature. Most cancers are due random genetic changes or risk factors associated with that particular cancer type.
Is cancer contagious?

Cancer is a non-communicable disease. It does not spread from person to person.

Can cancer surgery or biopsy cause cancer to spread?

No. A surgery done according to standard procedures will not lead to spread of cancer.

Will sugar consumption make my cancer worse?
Though cancer cells require more sugar (glucose) than normal cells, eating sugar will not make your cancer worse.

“I would like to thank Dr. Ashwin M. Shah and Dr. Pranav A. Shah and their experienced team for all the support and guidance provided during my cancer treatment. Dr. Ashwin M. Shah and Dr Pranav A. Shah both are excellent human beings. They explained the whole process of radiation therapy so nicely and cleared all my doubts very patiently .They were always accessible in whatsup / phone call at any time. They guided me how to be strong mentally and physically during the treatment. They treated me with utmost care concerning my age, as I was 80 . They were available at radiation room everytime to observe my treatment and morally boosted me. After completion of the therapy, they had given fruitful suggestions regarding aftercare, I am blessed to be in right hands. I strongly believe that the warmth and the positive energy given by the Doctors, helped me to bear the entire treatment
I wish Grand success of both the doctors in their field. God Bless.”

-Mahabat Ali

“Dr. Ashwin and Dr. Pranav, have guided us through the entire process of radiation therapy flawlessly, starting with familarizing us with the sessions to constantly monitoring the progress and appraising us of the same. Special mention to technologist and other support staff, as well.”
– Krishna

“One of the most dedicated Radiation Oncologist in Hyderabad. Took my grandmother to him, he explained all the forms of treatment available and gave her the best possible treatment modality for her condition. He is one of the doctors who spend quality time with his patients and is very empathetic towards the patient and their situation”
– Anish Waghray

“Dr. Pranav Shah is incredible. He is patient, explains the problem well, and follows-up later. I would absolutely recommend him.”
– Siddhi Porval

“The overall experience in the hospital is very well. The doctors and nursing staff are caring & their behaviour is polite. I appreciate the effort made by all the medical staff during the course of the treatment of my son.”

– Sri Pritam Baruah

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